Activities of G.B.C-K.

The church leaders believe in witnessing to none believers about Jesus Christ as the only savior and building up the saints gathered in. Our church activities are planned to this end.

  1. Sunday (Lord’s Day):
  • 9:30am -10:45amBible study for adults and Sunday school class for children.
  • Family worship 11am-12:45pm
  • Evening Service 4pm-5pm (one hour evening service. all who attend the morning service are encouraged to join us in the evening).

Our worship services include the preaching of God’s Word, the Bible in which we labour to be faithful in expounding and applying to our lives. Systematic preaching through a book of the Bible has been our approach to this. We sing old hymns and the new hymns (spiritual songs), we also spend time in cooperate prayer and the reading of God’s Word.