Welcome to Grace Baptist Church

Know our Background

The Grace Baptist Church-Kisumu has been in existence since the year 2001 when it was constituted. It was humbly started in the year 2000 with just two couples: Leslie Beard and his wife Ann and Sam Oluoch and his wife Macolet. These four met for Sunday fellowship in Sam and Macolet’s sitting room area. After a short time, close friends got to know of this meeting and started coming for Sunday fellowship. Evangelizing around town was kept steady and God blessed the labours and come the year 2001 December, the first group of believers were constituted to officially start a church. At that time we were only twelve believers.

The twelve labored together so well and church attendance grew filling up Pastor Sam’s living room. Plans were made and a shade was erected outside on the front yard of the Pastor’s house. In total, we met in Pastor Sam’s house for eleven years. We thank God that now we have a permanent building in which we conveniently use for church activities with Sunday attendance averaging sixty people. Our church leadership currently comprises three elders (2 pastors) and two deacons:

You are invited

We welcome everyone to join us in this mighty work of unveiling the veiled Christ to all nations. This is according to the mission of the church of spreading the word of God to the entire mankind to inspire salvation before the day of judgement.

Our Beliefs

Grace Baptist Church-Kisumu is unashamedly Calvinistic in beliefs and we confess together with others the 1689 London confession of faith which we believe adequately summarizes the biblical doctrines and practices worthy to hold to.

What to expect

Expository bible based sermon preached systematically through a book in the Bible, be it in the Pentateuch, wisdom literature, Prophets, The Gospels, Acts, Pastoral letters and Apocalypse.

Church Officials

Deacon Osborn Ndollo

Deacon Osborn Ndollo

Deacon Sam Omondi

Elder Kennedy Owiti

The Church’s Elder

Pastor Sam Oluoch

Sam Oluoch is currently our Pastor  at Grace Baptist Church,