He’s Here! And a little bit about Easter.

  • Some good news: We prayed to God, we searched and waited with God’s help, God provided! And now we have him and his family. We are grateful as a community at Grace for the safe arrival of Pastor Tonny Karwa and his lovely wife, Olivia on April the 1st, 2019 (an auspicious date!). Pastor Karwa will serve and lead us as our resident pastor. Pastor Karwa and his family were graciously welcomed on arrival by Brother Ezra and his wife, Doreen, together with Brother Peter and his brother, Deacon Amos. We can’t wait to show him off this Sunday and shower him and his family with all our love!
  • More good news: On Sunday, April the 21st, 2019, the community at Grace looks forward to hosting all guests at the church premises on a Sunday specially devoted to making all our visitors, new and old, known and unknown, feel welcomed into the community; Guests’ Sunday. Even better news: Everyone and anyone is invited! Come one, come all. The best news: Guests’ Sunday is also Easter Sunday! What a wonderful day to remember you and all other guests as we remember how God remembered his people through Jesus Christ; living and dying in their place, then rising from the dead. So remember to invite a friend…or a stranger.

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